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Registered Massage Therapist
Daniel Na
Daniel Na

“Your best rather than be the best.”   Daniel has been working as a social worker in Korea for 15 years.

He likes to be with people and especially loves helping people in difficult moments, and he feels happiness and reason for life in such things. His tendency to work as an RMT is also great. When he decided to immigrate to Canada, he was contemplating what could be done to help people, and he heard about the RMT course, and after completing the Vancouver RMT course, he became RMT in 2021.
He wants to live like the saying, “Do your best rather than be the best.” It is said that it is because he believes that the world will become a better world because of the people who do their best. So he tries to do his best to each patient who is struggling with health problems and says that it is his role to make a healthier society.
His interests and focus are on patients who injured from car accidents and speak in Korean. He also has suffered for years in a car accident with heavy damage to his neck and back, and he knows how difficult it is to live. So he wants to help those patients alleviate the pain they suffer and get back to normal life in no time. Also, he found it very difficult to study the RMT course in English. He understands that language barriers have been a problem in understanding symptoms in detail and applying appropriate treatment. He is passionate about helping Koreans who have difficulty explaining symptoms due to language barriers.
His personality is cheerful and optimistic and his hobby is listening to music, watching soccer, and playing tennis and golf. Also Fishing is something he likes, but he is not good at catching fish. That’s why he prefers to breed fish in the fish tank at home.