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Registered Massage Therapist
Sharon Kim
Sharon Kim

“I also have experience of not having the joys of life that I deserve because of chronic pain due to a car accident.”  

Sharon understands how difficult it is to suffer from injuries, accidents, or overuse and not to enjoy the life you deserve. She strongly believes that by providing the best massage treatments, patients’ quality of life can be improved. A good massage not only relieves tension and reduces stress, but also provides effective treatment results for musculoskeletal injuries and other health problems. She is also convinced that prevention is the best treatment and is focused on preventing the patient’s condition from progressing.
She is passionate about working with patients in the prenatal and postpartum massage. She knows that the way to become a mother is not easy and some steps can lead to painful moments. She, as the mother of two children, is very pleased to participate in their journey to become a wonderful mother. She is very interested in patient education in order to choose a better way for recovery. She loves this job, which has a positive impact on the patient’s life through her training.
She was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea until she immigrated to Canada in 2014. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and food science in Korea. She began her journey to become an RMT with a passion for health care. She graduated from Vancouver Career College in 2021.
She is devoted to continuing education and personal development to provide the best possible service for her patients.
When away from the clinic, She enjoys meeting people from diverse cultures through travel and adventures. She is spending time hiking and exploring mountains and lakes with her family and friends.